Sunday, November 22, 2015

Structures in Henley-on-Thames

This week I visited Henley-on-Thames, a lovely little town built on the river Thames.  One of our SAQA members, Kate Findlay, has organised an exhibition in the Old Fire Station and at Lady Sew and Sew's warehouse with the help of her Contemporary Quilt Group regional members. Exhibitors have to be members of the Contemporary Quilt group. The theme was "Structures" and the size fairly open. A number of SAQA members had submitted quilts and been accepted. Here are some photos of SAQA members work - I still haven't got a handle on my camera so if there is no photograph of your quilt that is because my photo wasn't good enough to blog which included a photo of my own quilt. Apologies to Kate - her quilt has been hang at Lady Sew and Sew and I only had time to do the Fire Station and meet friends for lunch and didn't make it to the warehouse gallery where her quilt is hanging.
Alicia Merrett

Brenda Wroe

Sue Hotchkis

Majory McKinven
Sandy Snowden

I now need to read my camera manual before I get to Harrogate and report on the show next week. I have a long train journey so .......!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

West Country Quilt Show UK

In November, the University of West England in Bristol is host to a small, but growing West Country Quilt and Textile Show.  The galleries are mostly contemporary/art quilt groups or individuals.  This year, 6 SAQA members had galleries.  Alicia Merrett and k3n shared a long stand, myself and Stephanie Crawford has a stand, Cherrilyn Tyler has a stand for her fabulous sheer embroideries and Kate Findlay's Hadron Collider quilts also had their own stand.

My camera is brand new and I haven't yet read the instructions, so I apologise for the quality of the following pictures:
Stephanie's Glimpse series

Cherrilyn at work

Some of Alicia's work
One of Kate's Wall

My Experimental Collages

We also took the opportunity to have an informal chat and get to know Cherrilyn who lives in a different part of the UK. It was hard work but rewarding as visitors were very complementary about our work.

Next to Harrogate where Cherrilyn and I will be stewarding the SAQA stand, Food for Thought. Hopefully see of you there.