Friday, May 11, 2018

Wide Horizons VI Results

The list of successful entrants to the Wide Horizons VI Exhibition which will be shown at the European Patchwork Meeting, France in September 2018.

The quality of the work submitted was very high. Thank you to the jurors Jette Clover, Olga Norris and Monica Danielsson Bichsel and to the Organiser, Barbara Lange.

Name                                               Title
Geneviève ATTINGER                   La Grâce de l'Incertitude
Bara Bartosova                                Parrot ara
Edith Bieri-Hanselmann                  drunter und drüber
Joke Buursma                                  The View
Elizabeth Byrom                              Les Ocres de Roussillon
Fenella Davies                                 Paint
Terry Donaldson                              Black across the Sun II
Gabi Fischer                                     Marie Curie
Bodil Gardner                                  The proposal
Liz Hewitt                                        Threads of Life
Leah Higgins                                    What Lies Beneath
Bella Kaplan                                     Autumn
Yemima Lavan                                 BIRD'S ASSEMBLY
Uta Lenk                                          Mediterranean Blood Count
Mary Mattimoe                                Mar Azul
Alicia Merrett                                  Glastonbury Town and the Abbey Grounds
Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix         Turbulences
Elsbeth Nusser-Lampe                    Cornus - Dogwood
Karin Oestergaard                            In Bloom
Claire Passmore                               Mind Your language I
Judith Pauly-Bender                        The Folk Festival - a personal romantic memory
Hazel Ryder                                     Do you remember the cherries?
Grietje van der Veen                        Series Water Pollution : Abandoned Mines and the Aftermath I
Erica Waaser                                    Lost In Navigation
Isabelle Wiessler                             Spuren - Aletschgletscher
Brenda Wroe                                   Magical Kingdom