Monday, June 19, 2017

Made in Europe II - Selected Artists

Congratulations to all the artists who have had work selected for Made in Europe II.

The artists are:
Geneviève ATTINGER
Mai-Britt Axelsen
Louise Bell
Maria Billings
Maryte Collard
Stephanie Crawford
Kate Crossley
Fenella Davies
Heidi Drahota
Monique Gilbert-Oversteyns
Liz Hewitt
Bella Kaplan
Uta Lenk
Alicia Merrett
Sandra Newton
Tamar Ophir
Claire Passmore
Margaret Ramsay
Judith Rosenthal
Hazel Ryder
Christine Seager
Sandy Snowden
Tiziana Tateo
Gisha Wogier

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fine Art Quilt Masters

Congratulations to our SAQA European and ME members who have had quilts accepted for the Fine Art Quilt Masters to be exhibited at Festival of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham UK.

"An international juried competition, the Fine Art Quilt Masters Gallery celebrates the finest examples of art quilts with work that has powerful artistic expression with abstract and figurative elements."
This year the shortlist of 20 quilts for Fine Art Quilt Masters includes work from the following SAQA European and ME Members:
Eszter Bornemisza, Home/Less
Fenella Davies, Horizon
Katriina Flensburg, Looking for Balance
Roberta Le Poidevin, To Walk Invisible
Alicia Merrett, Medieval “Island” City
Margaret Ramsay, Birchington Breakwaters
Christine Seager, Simply Grey
Here you can see all the quilts which have been accepted.

World Quilt Competition - Amelia Leigh

Congratulations, Amelia.

Congratulations to other UK SAQA members who also had their quilts accepted:

Stephanie Crawford
Liz Hewitt
Alicia Merrett
Frieda Oxenham
Claire Passmore
Linzi Upton                                                                   

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wide Horizons V - Brenda Wroe, Karma Chamelion

Karma Chameleon

Mastering the artistic use of a longarm machine to create this wholecloth quilt has been personally challenging, pushing my skillset towards a Wider Horizon. Inspired by a chameleon basking in the sunshine amongst some verdant foliage, I hummed the Boy George song and mused whether it might change in colour.

Wholecloth quilt, entirely hand guided free motion quilting on a longarm quilting machine.

Radiance silk cotton hand-dyed by artist. Double layer 100% wool wadding and 100% cotton wadding. Trilobal polyester thread 40wt.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wide Horizons V - Christine Seager, 1883 - Krakatua

1883 - Krakatua

The small volcanic island, Krakatua, off the west coast of Java, erupted in 1883. One of the most deadly in modern history, its effects were felt in Africa and Australasia. From a beach house overlooking Krakatua, we enjoyed evening vistas of a mildly smoking Krakatua against the setting sun. Amazing.

The hand dyed cloth represents the sea, sand, volcanic ash and fires of Krakatua whilst the mark making symbolises the turmoil on land and sea created by the event.

Own hand dyed fabrics, mono-printed marks. Improvisational cutting and piecing. Simple machine stitch.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wide Horizons V - Isabelle Wiessler, Horizonte III

Horizonte III

This quilt is one of a landscape series that are suggesting the skyline, each one does focus on the colors depending on the daytime or weather. My goal with my artwork is to give the public enough space to make up their own dream.

Hand dyed cotton, machine quilted, hand painted

Cotton fabric, batting, acrylic paint

Monday, June 5, 2017

Wide Horizons V - Tiziana Tateo, annequins

Figures are my favourite subjects because of the feelings, emotions and dialogue they convey.
The inspiration for my work came looking at a shop window, where two mannequins seemed to look at me saying: "Come in, please, and help us get dressed!".

Freely scoring and bonding on synthetic fabric and felt using soldering iron, hand painting, free machine embroidering

Synthetic fabric, felt, raffia,fabric colors, sizoflor, plastic net, tulle

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wide Horizons V - Sandy Snowden, Ramshackle: Country Community

Ramshackle: Country Community

Part of my series of Ramshackle houses about neighbourhood and community. This piece recognises the rural community. Distances and even differences do not matter when someone is in need of a neighbourly hand.

Fused raw edge reverse appliqué, Self guided quilting

Cotton, fusible web, cotton batting

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wide Horizons V - Monika Sebert, Lied


Working in my studio I'm listening to my favorite music... getting away from it all. My feelings are flying, I'm dreaming and creating new things and new horizons... getting high

Procion dying, free motion quilting, coloring with acrylics and bronze

Cotton, procion MX-Dye,thread, acrylics, bronze

Friday, June 2, 2017

Wide Horizons V - Cindy Richard, Dicovery


A child's discovery of the world is wondrous and exciting. Grandpa's role in teaching his grandchild everything from the beginning is huge and equally thrilling. Grandpa watches as his grandson reacts to every new and fascinating discovery. Grandson thinks his grandpa is the smartest guy. What a happy pair!

Raw-edge applique, collage effect with free motion quilting. Based on my own family photo.

Cotton fabrics and thread, tulle, synthetic fabric, polyester thread, buttons, cotton/polyester 80/20 batting,

Wide Horizons V - Claire Passmore, Am I Beautiful Yet?

Am I beautiful yet?

Why do we believe our natural appearance needs to be enhanced? At a makeup counter I watched a woman's face being painted by an enthusiastic 'beautician' using a rainbow of cosmetics which actually masked the customer's natural beauty. When will we realize, we are beautiful just the way we are.

Central wholecloth panel is fabric painted and dyed, applied by brush, stencil and airbrush. Pieced top and bottom border with some fused raw edged pieces. Quilted on a domestic machine

Fabric paint, Markal oilstick and Derwent Inktense blocks, fiber reactive dye, cotton lawn and poplin, rayon and polycore thread, cotton/poly batting

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wide Horizons V - Sandra Newton, Liberty


Inspired by the 60s: a time of changing social horizons when  tears in the existing fabric of society saw change bubbling up all over the globe, not everywhere victorious. A change someplace documented in placards and posters, yesterdays torn down rapidly replaced by new. A time of liberty and hope.

Painted and screen printed with procion dyes and watered acrylic paints. Bonded and stitched applique. Hand and free machine stitch.

Cotton, paper, tulle and net.