Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sue Hotchkis, UK SAQA Member - featured in Inspirational magazine

"New work: Sue Hotchkis is a British textile/fiber artist originally featured in Inspirational back in January 2015. Sue has a passion for decay, deconstruction, a breaking down under the elements of nature. Her work is always a complex structure of relief and detail. She talks to Inspirational as well as showing a range of work."

Inspirational 18 can be instantly downloaded from the following link:

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

FOQ - Stuff for Thought - More images

Festival of Quilts 2018 - Stuff for Thought

Heidi Drahota - Used 3 - Think
Birgit Friese

Internationale Textilausstellung - International textile exhibition
Shared project of textile artist Heidi Drahota and the Human Rights Office of the City of Nuremberg
September 9th – September 24th 2016
With the awarding of the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award 2015 to the labor unionist of the textile industry in Bangladesh Amirul Haque Amin the city of Nuremberg gives the award to an activist for social and economic human rights for the first time.
By doing this it wants to direct attention to 3 different topics:

·       First of all the awareness of the rights of workers in Bangladesh. It is very dangerous to be in a labor union there. The activists don’t only run the risk of losing their jobs when they fight against bad working conditions; they are also often harassed, threatened or arrested. The jury hopes that the award will give Mr. Amin and his allies the protection that they need to continue their work towards humane working conditions.

·       The jury also wants to call upon the consumer conscience and raise awareness for responsible consumption. The public has a right to know under what conditions their clothes are produced.

·       Last but not least the jury’s vote is embedded in an eco-nomic framework since global and fair trade without the adherance to social standards runs contrary to basic human needs.

Interpretations of this trinity of topics should be incorporated into the international textile exhibition „Stuff for Thoughts“ from your own perspective, your own technique and your own perception.

Review and outlook on a textile exhibition on the topic of human rights from an artistic perspective
Artists from all over the world were won over to put together 23 works to an exhibition, which drew the visitors, in addition to numerous experts, also tourists from all over the world, who happened to look around in the hall of honor of the historical Town hall of Nuremberg.
"Bringing together the different works just under the historical building conditions was really a challenge," said Heidi Drahota, the initiator and curator of this exhibition.

The artists spanned a wide thematic arc. While Eszter Bornemisza from Hungary with her clothes in 'Grown up', embedded in text fragments from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, connects the present with the past and puts the current conflicts in the historical context of the Second World War, Brigitte Kopp, D, with the rights of the children and Uta Lenk in turn has the rights of women in mind. In her handquilted work 'Disappearing in the Blue', Caroline Higgs, France, points to events in the Gambia due to lack of work.
Isabelle Wiessler, in her freely hanging work 'The flip side of the coin', shows in the most urgent way the bad, exploitative working conditions in the textile industry, such as: Bangladesh and the beautiful world of fashion. Also, Deborah Stockdale from Ireland and Irena Zemanova from the Czech Republic showed this in a very different way with their 'The Ghost At The Machine: In Honor Of All Garment Workers' and 'Manufactory'. Hand sewn in cantata technique, Johanna Spaethe from Germany dealt with the topic in her 'Bloody Trade'.
With the questions 'Do we need everything we have? by M. Unterharrnscheidt and 'Do You Shop Ethically?' Sunprinted by Irene Mac-William from Northern Ireland, they gave us a push to think about our consumer behavior.
"My interest in putting together a truly eclectic and multi-layered exhibition not only referred to the contents that were to be found in the thematic triangle, but also to showcase a wide variety of textile art techniques, including self-dyed and printed fabrics with lettering free of charge machine-quilted work by Yvonne Berther from Switzerland is a great enrichment of the exhibition, in which it points to human rights and ecology as indispensable pillars for a responsible future development.This also includes Cas Holmes, UK, a multi-layered four-parter Various layers of fabric, paper and embroidery manages to call on Cas to conserve nature in an almost poetic way.
'Used Look' picks up on elements such as linocut on silk, collage, paper skins made of denim, as well as quilting and also felting. "In addition to the variety of techniques, my work should show that as consumers, we need to be mindful and rethink our behavior in order to find better living conditions for people at the other end of the world." With this explanation of their four-part, Heidi Drahota takes up again the statement of the mayor of Nuremberg Ulrich Maly on her handmade denim papers, which reflects our responsibility and invites us to become active.

Since the works of Hilde van Schaardenburg from the Netherlands and Yujin Lee, South Korea, were sold in favor of the human rights award winner Amirul Haque Amin from Bangladesh, you can see many new works as well as many other works. Because the exhibition 'material for thought' was for 30.03. - 01.04.2017 to Prague for the Prague Patchwork Meeting and 09. - 11. June to Fürth for the annual meeting of the German Patchworkgilde e. V. invited. The 2 x 2 m mural 'Thinking Fabric' was also sold. Mr Amin reported on a new project in which only women receive the support of his work. For this he wants to use the proceeds of this exhibition of almost 5000 €.
Heidi Drahota said: "A really great success, and who knows what else is coming, I could imagine that the exhibition will also be shown in other places."
It came true: on the Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe in May 2018, in the Textile Museum in Helmbrechts May 12 to July 23, this compilation, which is still to work by Birgit Friese (Germany), Mirjam Pet-Jacobs (Netherlands), Lizzy Mayrl (Austria) and Ana ZLatkes (Argentina) has been expanded once again. With the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August, the curator finishes this project.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Made in Europe Collection One - Now in Munich

Detail - Bodil Gardner 
Made in Europe Collection One is in Munich from June 29 through to July 14, 2018 at

Quilt Et Textilkunst 
Sebastiansplatz 4 
80331 Munechen 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Wide Horizons VI Results

The list of successful entrants to the Wide Horizons VI Exhibition which will be shown at the European Patchwork Meeting, France in September 2018.

The quality of the work submitted was very high. Thank you to the jurors Jette Clover, Olga Norris and Monica Danielsson Bichsel and to the Organiser, Barbara Lange.

Name                                               Title
Geneviève ATTINGER                   La Grâce de l'Incertitude
Bara Bartosova                                Parrot ara
Edith Bieri-Hanselmann                  drunter und drüber
Joke Buursma                                  The View
Elizabeth Byrom                              Les Ocres de Roussillon
Fenella Davies                                 Paint
Terry Donaldson                              Black across the Sun II
Gabi Fischer                                     Marie Curie
Bodil Gardner                                  The proposal
Liz Hewitt                                        Threads of Life
Leah Higgins                                    What Lies Beneath
Bella Kaplan                                     Autumn
Yemima Lavan                                 BIRD'S ASSEMBLY
Uta Lenk                                          Mediterranean Blood Count
Mary Mattimoe                                Mar Azul
Alicia Merrett                                  Glastonbury Town and the Abbey Grounds
Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix         Turbulences
Elsbeth Nusser-Lampe                    Cornus - Dogwood
Karin Oestergaard                            In Bloom
Claire Passmore                               Mind Your language I
Judith Pauly-Bender                        The Folk Festival - a personal romantic memory
Hazel Ryder                                     Do you remember the cherries?
Grietje van der Veen                        Series Water Pollution : Abandoned Mines and the Aftermath I
Erica Waaser                                    Lost In Navigation
Isabelle Wiessler                             Spuren - Aletschgletscher
Brenda Wroe                                   Magical Kingdom

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Volunteers needed for planning committees for our exciting SAQA TORONTO 2020 International Conference... all SAQA members invited to attend and all Canadian SAQA members needed to volunteer!


MARCH 19-22, 2020

News from Margaret Ramsay

Thrilled that my work 'wind me in the sea' ( alias Train Stitching) has been accepted for 7th European Quilt Triennial!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

News from Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil

***…Aujourd’hui, les images de chaos et de destruction déferlent sous nos yeux, la guerre et les souffrances se banalisent et nous, nous restons impuissants à regarder les fracas qui tombent des cieux pour s’abattre sur des civils innocents.
L’espérance et la tolérance ont-elles été oubliées pour le profit et le pouvoir ? 
Faut-il que les balles des armes à feu parlent au nom des peuples afin d’asseoir la soif de pouvoir et de profit de certains  au détriment de la solidarité?
Dans mon œuvre, j’utilise un drap ancien pour symboliser le nid familial où chacun devrait pouvoir se lover avec sérénité et en toute sécurité. Mais que se passe-t-il quand cette quiétude est rompue par le bruit des armes meurtrières qui sèment le chaos et que le drap sert de linceul ?
J’insuffle cette destruction à travers la sérigraphie qui fait entrevoir des pans de murs détruits par les balles. Tandis que les brûlures intenses d’oxydation représentent les traces laissées par les bombes.

Mon travail génère une âme de désolation et pose la question de l’exode : que faire quand on a tout perdu ? Mais c’est aussi un regard réprobateur sur les priorités et les valeurs portées par nos sociétés occidentales avec l’espoir que nous changions, un peu, beaucoup, pour un mieux-être des peuples et des futures générations.****

Friday, March 23, 2018

News from Christine Chester

Woohoo. Accepted into the VII European Quilt Triennial. Now all I have to do is work out how to hang the work with lace around the edge...

News from Tiziana TTEO

Good news today! My work "IDOL" has been selected for the 7th European Quilt Triennial (16.09.2018 - 06.01.2019)at the Textilsammlung Max Berk Museum, Heidelberg (D). After its presentation will be exposed at other national and international museums.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


“The Flower Shop” from Stephanie's series “Glimpses”.  Drawn, painted and appliquéd onto wholecloth which will be in her gallery.

Monday, March 19, 2018


Chantal Guillermet and Caroline Higgs are sharing a gallery at BIENNALE INTERNATIONALE D’ART TEXTILE 2018 - April 11 to 14th.  Here is some of Chantal's work.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sabi Westoby and Amelia Leigh in feature articles

Both Sabi Westoby and Amelia Leigh have articles in the German publication - Quilt & Textilkunst Patchwork Professional - Issue 01-2018

WWI - by Sabi recently shown at the Olympia Knit and Stitch Show

The magazine is always looking for artists to feature their work. Their website is

Use the contact form and mark it for the attention of Dorothee Crane if you are interested.