Saturday, April 16, 2016

SAQA get-together in Beaujolais

As there were so many SAQA members on site, we decided on a completely spontaneous and totally informal get-together over dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Wonderful food, great company - perfect evening!

Linzi Upton's "Deviant Modern Machine Quilting"

Linzi Upton has recently had a book published. In her words, 

'I used to aspire to traditional quilt designs which I found difficult to replicate, but now I enjoy working on my unique style which is as individual as my handwriting. Crucially, I am always prepared to DEVIATE from whatever the original plan might have been – if there even was a plan in the first place’.

Here is the cover of Linzi's book and a few images from the book:

9 Totems

Celtic Circles - Detail

Friday, April 15, 2016

Strong SAQA-presence at Quilt Expo Beaujolais

The Quilt Expo in Beaujolais, which has now become the Biennale Internationale d'Art Textile is now open:

And SAQA is strongly represented in the halls.

First of all, "Two by Twenty", the juried exhibition of two quilts each by twenty SAQA members, is on display.

Caryle Bryer Fallert-Gentry, Reflections

Pat Bishop, two studies of cranes

Right next to it, the group International Threads, consisting entirely of SAQA members, is showing a selection of their quilts worked to set challenges.

a view into the gallery of International Threads

Several SAQA members have their own galleries.

Willy Doreleijers (NL)

Chantal Guillermet (FR)

Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix (CH)

Elisabeth Michello-Dutheil (CH)

Gillian Travis (UK)

Isabelle Wiessler (GER)

Dijanne Cevaal (AUS)

Caroline Higgs (UK)
Ina G. Statescu

And several SAQA members have numerous pieces on display in the galleries consisting of assorted collections: Stitched Art Textile, Elements, Fifteen by Fifteen, Golden Textures of Australia, Crossroads.

Brenda Gael-Smith in Golden Textures of Australia

SAQA members have entered into the contest:

Els Mommers in front of her entry for the contest 'Liberté' -
she won 2nd prize. Congratulations!

SAQA member Claire Passmore is first prize winner in the category for the larger sizes in the contest. Congratulations, Claire!

Claire Passmore, "We walk together", 1st prize winner

And perhaps the winner of first prize in one of the other categories of the contest, will be signing up as a new SAQA member before the show is over...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Color Improvisation 2 in Neumünster, Germany with SAQA participation

Several SAQA-members are currently exhibiting as part of the newly opened Colour Improvisations 2 in the textiles museum "Tuch und Technik" Neumünster, Germany, which opened in the middle of March. This is the second round of an exhibition curated by Nancy Crow, featuring large quilts by students from her classes all over the world.

Edith Bieri, desperate, detail, photo taken from the museums website

The following blogs have posts on the opening or on visiting the exhibition a few days later:

quilt-around, quiltsundmehr, un-multitasking part 1  and part 2, and Uta Hanson.

The museum itself is a wonderful sight with very informative exhibitions about the textile industry in Neumünster, which is sometimes called “the Sheffield of Northern Germany”. Well worth a visit if one is interested in textiles! Add now the lure of Color Improvisations 2, and you should be planning a trip to Northern Germany!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Maya Chaimovich - A Window into Spaces

This is Maya's quilt "A Window Into Spaces" which was selected for the " Tranquillity" exhibition. Congratulations, Maya.

Sizes :           H – 51"   X  W - 39"
Techniques: Small pieces on interfacing fusible fabric. Free motion machine quilted.
Materials:    Recycled different fabrics- cotton, silk, lace, synthetic, embroidered ,wool.
                     Metal and multi-color threads.

and a detailed image

Monday, April 4, 2016

Photos from Art Quilt Elements

Alicia Merrett has just attended the opening of Photos from Art Quilt Elements whilst on her visit to Philadelphia.  A great number of the selected artists are SAQA members - although this is not a SAQA show. 

Alicia with her quilt Port at Dusk Diptych for which she received an award.

Linda Colsh, previously an European member, with her quilt Pretend Pasha.

View of Alicia's quilt with others - the one to the right got Best of Show - Head 10 by Diane Siebels - well deserved.

View of several quilts including Brigitte Kopp's To Tired To - that's the one to the left of the corner.

And a challenge from Alicia - "I think only Brigitte and me are from Europe. European members simply rarely apply."

Thanks, Alicia, for the photos.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Blossom by the Lake - Shoshi Rimer

The quilt below is Shoshi's work which was selected for the SAQA Tranquillity Exhibition - well done, Shoshi

Creative concept
In my work I was trying to depict a moment of serenity I felt while walking by the lake in Birmingham, UK. It was so remote from the hectic life I have in my country. By using calm colors fabrics I tried to pass this feeling to the viewer.

Artist’s statement
Our World is full of violence and sadness. The silence around the lake provides a dimension of sanity and peace.

Materials and Techniques
Commercial cotton fabrics, Polyester batting, cotton, rayon and metallic threads
Fussing, Appliqué, paint embellishment, machine free motion quilting.

Shoshi Rimer
Bat-Yam, Israel