Thursday, August 31, 2017

Made in Europe II at West Country Quilt and Textile Show

Made in Europe II is at the West Country Quilt and Textile Show
Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 10 am to 4.30 pm. UWE Convention Centre, Bristol. Just off M32.

Come and see us and many of the other brilliant galleries.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Made in Europe II at Festival of Quilts

Made in Europe II is at the Festival of Quilts on stand TG25 in Hall 9. Come and visit us and see our amazing quilts.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Made in Europe II at Festival of Quilts

Made in Europe II is at the Festival of Quilts on stand TG25 in Hall 9. Come and visit us and see our amazing quilts.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Made in Europe II at Festival of Quilts

Made in Europe II is at the Festival of Quilts on stand TG25 in Hall 9. Come and visit us and see our amazing quilts.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Made in Europe II - Gisha Wogier

Gisha Wogier

Bridges are a connection and link. They are pathways between people and places. A bridge joins and unites. It represents progress, stability, hope and transition. I love the old steel bridges that you can see in Israel and in Europe. I admire the ability of professionals to build massive structures of steel, bolts and nuts, that bridge over rivers, valleys and roads. The quilt colors are inspired by the color of the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle where we visited

Deconstructed screen printing, Log cabin

My own hand printed fabric; recycled and commercial fabrics. Rayon threads. Acrilan batting

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Missing Quilt - Wide Horizons V collection

Please if you know anything about Maria Billing's quilt, Generosity, please contact or send us a message on Facebook.

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Missing Quilt from the Wide Horizons V Colllection

Please if you know anything about Sandy Snowden's quilt, Ramshackle: Country Community, please contact or send us a message on Facebook.

Please share this post.

Made in Europe II - Tiziana Tateo

Tiziana Tateo
In Fashion Mood

Lace, shoes and textile are amongst the most important Italian traditions that date back to the earliest ages.

Lace is the fabric of national pride and its appeal led me to give it a contemporary look using a non conventional material as sizoflor that I painted, manipulated by heat and free machine embroidered.
The shoe, made with recycled golden leather, is an homage to my city Vigevano, which was internationally known as the shoe capital of Italy and whose "Shoe Museum" is entirely dedicated to the history of shoe making, techniques and models through the centuries.

In my country lace, textile and shoes have always been an important part of our  cultural life and society and have made Italian fashion famous all over the world.

My art quilt is the celebration of the Italian culture, which has an high consideration of fashion that in Italy is everywhere.

Puff painting on sizoflor manipulated and distressed by heat, free machine embroidering and quilting

Tulle,white sizoflor, pink synthetic organza and white fabric, cotton, puff paint, golden leather, embroidery threads

Made in Europe II - Sandy Snowden

Sandy Snowden
Ramshackle Castles
Another in my series of Ramshackle Houses exploring community and neighbourhood. The challenge to develop the "Ramshackle look" to depict castles was a great way to take this series further. Each castle was given their own character; using additions and accessories like I do with the houses.
Living in England, I enjoy visiting castle ruins. I love to imagine the lives of those who lived in them.  Quite a different sort of neighbourhood, busy with all the people needed to run a castle.  In Europe, castles seem to be located on every hilltop...Or near enough. Sometimes the inhabitants were neighbourly. But more often, those in the nearest castle were definitely enemies!

Fused raw-edge reverse appliqué, machine quilting

Cotton, wadding, thread

Monday, August 7, 2017

Made in Europe II - Christine SeagerDetail

Christine Seager
United Kingdom
Fabrications 2

All our clothes, food and electrical goods have labels which tell us where they are made. Most of these labels do not tell us about the working conditions of the makers or the wages they receive for their labour.  We assume that goods manufactured in Europe are made in humane conditions – do we really know or care?

Whole cloth with added markings and text, overlaid with dribbled inks. Hand stitched

Hand dyed fabric embellished with text and mark making using POSCA pens, Sharpies, Acrylic inks and Gesso.

Made in Europe II - Hazel Ryder

Hazel Ryder
Oxford Marmalade - Preserving Europe

Possibly Portuguese or French in origin, this marriage of bitter Spanish Seville oranges and sweet sugar is distinctly British in flavour.  Thanks to the Scots, for centuries it's been spread each morning on hot toast. Perfect for those with discerning palates and love of distinctive flavours it accompanies sausages and ham, used in baking, desserts and even drinks. 

Mary Queen of Scots ate it when she had a headache, countless Oxford (and Cambridge!) dons swear by it, tins went into battle with British troops, and a jar was found buried at the South Pole after Scott's ill-fated Antarctic expedition.

Each winter Seville oranges make a brief appearance in the British kitchen. Cooks up and down the land infuse their world with the bitter sweet aroma and fill their larders with glistening jars of golden sunshine.

And of course, a jar can always be found in a certain famous bear's suitcase!

All fabrics created by artist using procion dyes, breakdown printing, found rusted objects, discharge paste, screen inks, fabric paints, Inktense pencils and blocks. Fused appliqué. Free motion quilting. Hand quilting

100% cotton fabric for top, appliqué and backing.100% cotton wadding. Cotton and polyester machine threads. Artist's own hand dyed cotton threads for hand quilting

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wide Horizons V - Very Important - 2 quilts missing

Between Wide Horizons being shown at the German Guild AGM in Furth in Germany in June and the quilts being returned to Carrefour/European Patchwork Meeting in France, two quilts have gone missing. They belong to Sandy Snowden and Maria Billings. If you know anything about these quilts, contact SAQA Europe and ME either by adding a comment here or emailing us at or Christine by clicking on her name.

Below are images of both quilts:

Generosity by Maria Billings

Ramshackled by Sandy Snowden

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Made in Europe II - Judith Rosenthal

Judith Rosenthal
Trip to Alsace

I am always fascinated by the different styles and colours of buildings.On my trip to Alsace last year, I took a lot of pictures of the picturesque streets, and I could not wait to get home in order to transform them into a Quilt.

Machine pieced and free motion machine quilted.

Commercial cotton and hand died cotton (with inksticks)

Made in Europe II - Margaret Ramsay

Margaret Ramsay
Birchington Breakwaters II

Disintegrating sea defences on the North Kent Coast interpreted using a section of a tattered antique Durham quilt. I find beauty  in the marks and textures of both structures, worn through exposure to the elements and constant use.

Machine stitching from back (perle threads in bobbin); raw-edged applique; painting  on gessoed surface with  application of acrylic paint washes and impasto techniques

Antique hand-stitched quilt; vintage and hand dyed fabrics; gesso and acrylic paints ( fluid and heavy body); cotton  threads.

Made in Europe II - Claire Passmore

Claire Passmore
United Kingdom
The Pride of Belfast (1912)

Quite possibly the most famous ship in the world. Built with Edwardian vanity and pride to be the world's largest, most extravagant ship.

Over 3 million wrought iron rivets stitched her steel plates together, each one confidently hammered home by hand. But from the very first rivet her fate was almost certainly sealed. Wrought iron rivets allowed the plates too much movement when she struck the ice. They proved to be her Achilles' heel.
        '…And as the smart ship grew,
         In stature, grace and hue,
In shadowy silent distance grew the Iceberg too….'
Thomas Hardy (The Convergence of the Twain, 1915)

Over-dyeing, discharging, rust printing, block printing and stenciling. Simple piecing, machine trapunto and hand stitching.

Fibre reactive dye, bleach, peroxide, acrylic paint, embroidery floss, cotton crochet yarn, wool and cotton batting. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Made in Europe II - Tamar Ophir

Tamar Ophir
My fair lady

The work is inspired by the play pigmalion.

 Fusing and  quilting

Cotton fabric  and  self diy cotton fabric

Maderia thread and acrilic batting

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Made in Europe II - Sandra Newton

Sandra Newton
United Kingdom
Ask me why I go

I have been fortunate to live in many parts of Europe as a student and in my working life, as well as travelling for leisure. In the days before economy flights, I loved the adventure of ferry crossings, long train journeys, changing one currency for another and embracing a new language at each border. Ultimately, I went for a world quite different, a life lived outside on the streets in a sunnier clime. This sun at the heart of the world was central to that experience, balconies lived on and not for storage, exotic fruits growing on the vine or mounds of them piled up in market squares.
Nadya Aisenberg's poem of the same title always captured for me the colour and warmth of lands around the Mediterranean and Adriatic and the sense of freedom I felt far from home.

Screen printed, painted through wax resist with procion dyes ; painted with pigments;  applique : raw edge, bonded and stitched ; free machine quilted and hand stitched.

Cotton sateen, linen, cotton, cotton organdie 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Made in Europe - Sandra Newton

Sandra Newton
United Kingdom

Growing up in a village in rural England, blackberrying was a much loved late summer tradition. We would set off, arms full of plastic boxes and bowls, scramble over the abandoned brickworks by the river, and pick berries all afternoon. We returned home, scratched and juice-stained from our adventure with hoards of fruit. Mum made blackberry and apple jam, the pans steaming in the kitchen all evening.
From half a century later it seems that blackberrying was a celebration of the freedom of our childhood as much as a late summer's harvest tradition.
When I first read 'Blackberry picking', Seamus Heaney's words evoked this experience so clearly and conveyed a shared regret for the past harvest. I have used some of his lines in this piece. Seamus Heaney, 1939-2013, won the  Nobel prize for Literature in 1995.

Screenprinted with procion dyes ; applique : raw edge, bonded and stitched ; free machine quilted and hand stitched.

Cotton organdie, linen.

Made in Europe II - Alicia Merrett

Alicia Merrett
Devon Estuary

The county of Devon in the south west of England, best known for its rolling green hills, so typical of the English countryside, has a number of rivers which end up in estuaries. Some of them end on the north coast, others have their mouths in the south coast.  I have depicted here a generic South Devon estuary, showing some of their common characteristics – small towns on both sides of the estuary; a marina and many sailing boats; small beaches; a car ferry to cross between the two sides (bridges are placed higher up the river, where it is narrower).  I have particularly referenced the estuary of the river Dart, with Dartmouth and Kingswear on its mouth, as it's the one I'm most familiar with.  It has a historic defensive castle and fortress on high ground, where the river meets the sea, which is now a tourist attraction.

Freehand cutting, improvisational machine piecing, fused appliqué, machine quilting.

Hand-dyed fabrics, fusible web.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Made in Europe II - Uta Lenk

Uta Lenk
text messages 12: Artikel 1

The German Constitution, the "Basic Law" opens with a general declaration that humans' rights are inalienable, "Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar," before spelling out individual universal human rights that are the foundation of German law and order. In these days, as millions of people are leaving their home countries in flight from war and poverty, it seems that humans' inalienable rights are losing ground as well-off industrial nations are closing their borders against the poor. Playing around with the arrangement and directions of the letters that make up the words is a symbolic act of protest against political tendencies. In its helplessness, it resembles my state of mind when looking at what is happening in the world today. We are losing sight of the basic foundation of what makes us human.

Machine pieced, machine quilted

Hand-dyed cotton fabric