Thursday, August 3, 2017

Made in Europe II - Sandra Newton

Sandra Newton
United Kingdom
Ask me why I go

I have been fortunate to live in many parts of Europe as a student and in my working life, as well as travelling for leisure. In the days before economy flights, I loved the adventure of ferry crossings, long train journeys, changing one currency for another and embracing a new language at each border. Ultimately, I went for a world quite different, a life lived outside on the streets in a sunnier clime. This sun at the heart of the world was central to that experience, balconies lived on and not for storage, exotic fruits growing on the vine or mounds of them piled up in market squares.
Nadya Aisenberg's poem of the same title always captured for me the colour and warmth of lands around the Mediterranean and Adriatic and the sense of freedom I felt far from home.

Screen printed, painted through wax resist with procion dyes ; painted with pigments;  applique : raw edge, bonded and stitched ; free machine quilted and hand stitched.

Cotton sateen, linen, cotton, cotton organdie 

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