Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Made in Europe II - Uta Lenk

Uta Lenk
text messages 12: Artikel 1

The German Constitution, the "Basic Law" opens with a general declaration that humans' rights are inalienable, "Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar," before spelling out individual universal human rights that are the foundation of German law and order. In these days, as millions of people are leaving their home countries in flight from war and poverty, it seems that humans' inalienable rights are losing ground as well-off industrial nations are closing their borders against the poor. Playing around with the arrangement and directions of the letters that make up the words is a symbolic act of protest against political tendencies. In its helplessness, it resembles my state of mind when looking at what is happening in the world today. We are losing sight of the basic foundation of what makes us human.

Machine pieced, machine quilted

Hand-dyed cotton fabric

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