Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Made in Europe II - Tiziana Tateo

Tiziana Tateo
In Fashion Mood

Lace, shoes and textile are amongst the most important Italian traditions that date back to the earliest ages.

Lace is the fabric of national pride and its appeal led me to give it a contemporary look using a non conventional material as sizoflor that I painted, manipulated by heat and free machine embroidered.
The shoe, made with recycled golden leather, is an homage to my city Vigevano, which was internationally known as the shoe capital of Italy and whose "Shoe Museum" is entirely dedicated to the history of shoe making, techniques and models through the centuries.

In my country lace, textile and shoes have always been an important part of our  cultural life and society and have made Italian fashion famous all over the world.

My art quilt is the celebration of the Italian culture, which has an high consideration of fashion that in Italy is everywhere.

Puff painting on sizoflor manipulated and distressed by heat, free machine embroidering and quilting

Tulle,white sizoflor, pink synthetic organza and white fabric, cotton, puff paint, golden leather, embroidery threads

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