Monday, January 23, 2017

Made in Europe - DAMSS

D. Arnoldi & M. Sarzi-Sartori, Italy - Castelluccio_The ghost town

The work is a tribute to Castelluccio di Norcia, the village which was completely destroyed by the earthquake on August 24th, 2016. The village is well known for the nature of its fields of lavish red and yellow coloured flowers and for its excellent lentils. We recreated the image and atmosphere of this typical Umbrian village as it was before the disaster, over a hill with flowering fields so as not to forget the suffering of people, who have been torn from their homes and their future.

Appliquè, freemotion, embroidery, twisted yarns.

Silk, wool, cotton, lace, thread.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Made in Europe - Stephanie Crawford

Stephanie Crawford, UK - And then three come along at once...

The idea for this quilt came to me following a walk through London at rush hour in November.  I had been to an exhibition at Tate Modern and was feeling inspired.  The sky was beautiful in early evening but no-one was looking at it!  It is not of anywhere in particular.

I did a drawing, which I then scaled up and drew out on a closely woven cotton.  It is painted with fabric paints and then stitched.

Drawing, painting on whole-cloth and free machine stitching.

Cotton, fabric paint and assorted threads.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Made in Europe - Maryte Collard

Maryte Collard, Lithuania - Fire and Ice

This quilts was inspired by a story of a volcano eruption under the glacier in Iceland. The ice was almost 500 m thick and it took about 6 weeks for the fire to melt the ice and get through. The fire didn't have a chance to go straight up until it got through the ice.

Machine piecing, including curved piecing, domestic machine quilting, hand stitching.

My own hand dyed cotton fabrics, polyester batting, Sulky polyester embroidery thread for machine quilting, cotton yarn for hand stitching.


Friday, January 20, 2017

Made in Europe - Jette Clover

Jette Clover, Belgium - Monday Morning Conversation

I love words. They have shapes and sounds and they convey meaning. I was a journalist before I became an artist, and now stitching has become a new way of writing for me. Stitching resembles the rhythm of writing with a pen on paper - a slow, intimate process during which one becomes aware of the marking of time.

Screen printing, painting, flour paste printing, collage, hand- and machine stitching.

Cotton, organdy, cheese cloth.


Made in Europe - Maya Chaimovich

Maya Chaimovich, Israel - Tangled Shrubbery

It only took a few minutes to travel up the Mottarone mountain.It was cold outside, and we were surrounded by the forest. I tried to leave all my worries behind, and listen to the silent whispering of the grey trees.

Natural botanic dye and eco print I made.
Small pieces on interfacing fusible fabric.Free motion machine quilted.

Silk.wool,cotton,felt. Variegated cotton thread.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Made in Europe - Elizabeth B

Elizabeth Byrom, France -  Dinan Sous la Pluie

Dinan, a charming town in Brittany, France, is as beautiful in the rain as it is in sunlight. Luminescent colors, curved roof lines, and stone chimneys compel the artist to try to capture its essence.  In this quilt the scene is depicted with silks dyed lilac and blue violet with fiber reactive dyes.


Screen printing, mono printing, resists, fabrics dyed by the artist.

Silks, cotton, fusible web, variegated threads,

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Made in Europe - Joke

Joke Buursma, Ireland - Ogham, Old Celtic Script II

This work is an abstract impression of the Ogham script.

Ogham, an ancient rune-like writing system, is carved in stones across Ireland and Britain. The Ogham script recorded the earliest Old Irish texts dating between the 3rd and the 6th century CE. Mostly they are genealogical inscriptions in the form of "X son of Y" on corners of large stone slabs. When inscribed on stones, Ogham is written vertically from bottom to top. The symbols are made up of single strokes, each one represented by one, two, three, four or five strokes.


Painting using oil sticks, machine and hand quilting.

Cotton fabrics, mainly self hand dyed; cotton wadding; cotton threads.