Friday, August 23, 2019

The SAQA European and Middle East Blog will no longer have new posts

The SAQA European and Middle East blog will no longer have new posts. We feel that the SAQA European and Middle East Facebooks and Instagram are a better way of communicating.

Our public Facebook which is open to everyone is allows us to publicise exhibitions and events is at

If you are a member of the SAQA and live in Europe or the Middle East you can ask to be a member of our Facebook member area. You will need to answer some questions and will be allowed to join the member area if you live in the region or it is your second region.  This Facebook is:

We also have an Instragram account which is open to all. Search for saqa-europe-middle-east on Instragram. Posts have the hash tag #saqaeurope.

You can find out about SAQA at


  1. Guten Tag

    Ich denke das ist eine ausgesprochen gute Tätigkeit! Davon hatte ich noch überhaupt nicht gehört! Ich arbeite selbst in einem Sugaring Studio in Frankfurt am Main.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

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