Thursday, May 23, 2019

Stewarding the SAQA Gallery at Festival of Quilts, Birmingham NEC

SAQA Europe & Middle East - Call for Exhibition Stewards at FoQ 2019! 

 Once again Sandy Snowden is volunteering to organize the stewards for the SAQA global exhibit "Dusk to Dawn" at this year’s Festival of Quilts from 1-4 August 2019 in Birmingham, UK.
 If you are planning to attend the FoQ this year, please consider donating a bit of your time there to steward the exhibit - after all, it’s YOUR exhibition and your your chance as a SAQA member to talk with the audience about SAQA, its benefits and its mission and it’s a prime opportunity to meet fellow SAQA artists not only from the UK and our region but from all over the world!

 It’s a lot of fun - and you are getting something in return, too. As in previous years, the time slots will be 1 ½ hours. AND each volunteer will receive a ticket for the whole 4 days of the show!

 Times are as follows: 10-11:30; 11:30-13:00(1:00pm); 13:00-14:30(2:30pm); 14:30-16:00(4:00pm); 16:00-17:30(5:30pm).

The list of volunteers will be submitted near to the time for the Festival of Quilts show. As in previous years, tickets will be held at the box office and can be collected there.

 To reserve your spot on the list, please email Sandy ( with your preferred time slot and date soon! I’m personally looking forward to meeting many of you in person at the FoQ!

 See you soon,

Birgit Schüller E/ME Regional Representative Studio Art Quilt Associates


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