Monday, August 7, 2017

Made in Europe II - Hazel Ryder

Hazel Ryder
Oxford Marmalade - Preserving Europe

Possibly Portuguese or French in origin, this marriage of bitter Spanish Seville oranges and sweet sugar is distinctly British in flavour.  Thanks to the Scots, for centuries it's been spread each morning on hot toast. Perfect for those with discerning palates and love of distinctive flavours it accompanies sausages and ham, used in baking, desserts and even drinks. 

Mary Queen of Scots ate it when she had a headache, countless Oxford (and Cambridge!) dons swear by it, tins went into battle with British troops, and a jar was found buried at the South Pole after Scott's ill-fated Antarctic expedition.

Each winter Seville oranges make a brief appearance in the British kitchen. Cooks up and down the land infuse their world with the bitter sweet aroma and fill their larders with glistening jars of golden sunshine.

And of course, a jar can always be found in a certain famous bear's suitcase!

All fabrics created by artist using procion dyes, breakdown printing, found rusted objects, discharge paste, screen inks, fabric paints, Inktense pencils and blocks. Fused appliqué. Free motion quilting. Hand quilting

100% cotton fabric for top, appliqué and backing.100% cotton wadding. Cotton and polyester machine threads. Artist's own hand dyed cotton threads for hand quilting

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