Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Color Improvisation 2 in Neumünster, Germany with SAQA participation

Several SAQA-members are currently exhibiting as part of the newly opened Colour Improvisations 2 in the textiles museum "Tuch und Technik" Neumünster, Germany, which opened in the middle of March. This is the second round of an exhibition curated by Nancy Crow, featuring large quilts by students from her classes all over the world.

Edith Bieri, desperate, detail, photo taken from the museums website

The following blogs have posts on the opening or on visiting the exhibition a few days later:

quilt-around, quiltsundmehr, un-multitasking part 1  and part 2, and Uta Hanson.

The museum itself is a wonderful sight with very informative exhibitions about the textile industry in Neumünster, which is sometimes called “the Sheffield of Northern Germany”. Well worth a visit if one is interested in textiles! Add now the lure of Color Improvisations 2, and you should be planning a trip to Northern Germany!

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