Sunday, October 21, 2012


Welcome to the SAQA Regional Blog for Europe/Middle East. This is the member-supplied blog about members of the region, for the members, and for anybody interested in SAQA and art quilts in Europe.

Newsworthy items for this blog
The news items to be posted on this blog are
  • information on solo shows by members of the SAQA region Europe/Middle East
  • awards
  • participation in major/international shows
  • publications and books about or by the members
  • regional SAQA meetings organized by the members (or the co-reps)

Submission Policy
  • We encourage the members of SAQA Europe/Middle East to submit their news according to the above list to the blog manager Uta Lenk at the following address:
  • Please submit the post as a doc-file, and clearly formatted so that is easily transferrable to the blog by copy-paste. Editing for outer appearance will not be done by the blog manager.
  • Keep posts short (up to and around 300 words) and informative.
  • Photos are welcome, but please limit the number of photos to no more than two per post. Photos should be sent separately as a jpeg-file, with an indication of the place where they should appear in the post in the text file.
    Submissions with photos included in the text file will not be processed.
  • Please allow sufficient time for processing of posts including date announcements. If you submit today, and your show started yesterday, publication cannot happen day before yesterday...
  • If you want to include links to important websites in the post, please give the relevant information. Blog manager will not search for link information!
  • In order to keep maintenance of the blog at a manageable level and, more importantly, to protect the privacy of our members, we will not publish a list of member names on the blog. Members are welcome to include their name and web-link in their announcements if they so wish.

This blog is your blog - it lives when everybody gives!


  1. This looks good Uta,
    I hope it helps us to all keep track of one another better!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. thank you Uta for putting up the new blog!

  3. I've just discovered this blog, it'll be interesting to follow!

  4. Hi Elisabeth and Uta
    I kept forgetting to write to you both that I've submitted a quilt for the SAQA Benefit Auction and it can be found directly under this link
    I won't be able to attend the Quilt Festival in Birmingham this year as I'm very busy at home and will be in Zurich, Switzerland from 29/8 until 27/9 helping my daughter moving apartment etc. The festival last year was a wonderful chance to meet other SAQA members and even some long standing quilter friends from CH again. Very best wishes to you both and anyone who remembers me. Best regards Ann Ridge