Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This is SAQA Europe/Middle East: Switzerland

Ramona Conconi

I’m living in the south part of Switzerland, the italian speaking part, about 40 minutes from Milan in a old house from 1905 with high walls. Therefore I love working on big pieces, with my fabrics in solid colors that I dye myself with procion. My works are graphically, played on forms and colors and with my signs. During a visit in a exhibition of wooden toys made from swiss designers, I discovered a box with cubes. On every face there was a line or a curve designed, or both. This toy was produced from  Naef Switzerland and was called Ikono. It was created in 1978 from the designer Georghe Bauer and it was impossible to find it, so I decided to produce it myself with lines and curves that are possible to sew. This was the birth of my serie “Signs” wich one I work since about 5 years growing up with them. I can create the project of sign of the work with my box so I can play with colors and values creating forms having yet the design.
I work every day at least one hour, and if I don’a have a big project ongoing , I work on my mini series, little works 15 x 15 cm that I put in a frame and decorate with little characters of the model railway. This keeps on my creativity.

La quadratura del cerchio
176 x 177 cm

I work improvisationally, the only project I do is playing with my box and in the last six month I dye the fabrics for the work I’m doing so I can have the most variations on values for the colors I decidet to work with. The result is very good and now I’m doing exerience with this way of working.
When I’m not with my sewing machine in my atelier unther the rooftop, I work as nurse and I visit a lot of art exhibitions, I love contemporary art and photos, it is phantastic to live near Milan so full of museum and galeries. Now also in Lugano, the nearest city from my house there are a lot of news galeries and the cultural life is very hot. I love to travel and my husband too, so we often go on citytrips visiting museums.

Flower power, 50 x 70 cm, 2013

Now I work on three projects, one with big pieces for a special traveling exhibition, one on the mini series for a  little galerie and with my group “Happy Fingers” I work for the next exhibition in 2015 with pieces in the format 50x70 cm.

Omaggio ad Aoi Huber-Kono50 x 70 cm2013



  1. Lovely to meet you Ramona. Your work is so varied and I really like the simplicity and light play in Flower Power.

  2. Hi Ramona,
    Very interesting idea of using the wooden toys for inspiration. It sounds like it will keep your mind busy for a long time!
    I like the way La quadratura del cerchio looks like a broken maze.
    Sandy in the UK