Saturday, August 9, 2014

Prizes for SAQA members at Festival of Quilts, Birmingham

At the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, several prizes went to SAQA members.
Two prizes went to SAQA members in the category “Art Quilts” - Mercedes Desedamas from Spain received first prize for her piece “Sunrise”.

Mercedes Desedamas, "Sunrise", First Prize Wnner in Art Quilts

Maggi Birchenough from England received a Juror’s Choice for her piece “Rose”.

Maggi Birchenough, Juror's Choice for "Rose"

First prize in the category “Miniature Quilts” went to Roberta Le Poidevin from Guernsey / Channel Islands for her piece “Hundred Acres”.

Roberta Le Poidevin, "Hundred Acres"

In the category "Fine Art Masters" the first prize went to Brigitte Kopp from Germany.

Brigitte Kopp, "Gebärmütter"

And in the category “Pictorial Quilts” Lea McComas (USA) received second prize for her piece “Turkish Bread Boys”.

Lea McComas, "Turkish Bread Boys"

Two Judge's choices went to Margaret Ramsay. One in the category "Pictorial quilt", and the other in the category "Art quilts".

Margaret Ramsay, "Weymouth Waves"

Margaret Ramsay, "Nautical Dawn"

Congratulations to all the winners! 

(Should I have missed any, please notify me and send a picture, and I will update this post as soon as possible. Thank you - Uta)


  1. A good haul of results and particular congratulations to the first prize winners.

  2. i thought i had made a comment but it didnt seem to be registered so i am trying again....i also got judges choice at the festival of quilts in the art quilts category...susan chapman