Monday, December 1, 2014

This is SAQA Europe/Middle East: The Czech Republic


I was born 1955 in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. Since about 15 I started to study fine and applied art with textile specialization, mainly textile collage and classical (woven) tapestry technique. All this, however, never being my professional career as my parents insisted on some more practical job. Following my degree in economics (travel trade), I have spent whole my active professional life in tourism organizing both incoming as well as outgoing tours and events.
Shortly after 2002 I came back to my sewing and creative textile hobby and since then I concentrate on contemporary and art quilt and the integration of textile art works in modern interiors. Since years I have been also teaching surface design not only in Czech Republic, but also abroad in English or German).
In 2005 I was among those who decided to upgrade the experience of the growing Czech patchwork community by founding an international event, unique in the Middle and former Eastern Europe: Prague Patchwork Meeting (  As we are mainly a family run enterprise with a substantial help of my friend quilters from the Art Quilt Club CZ, I am also active in bringing up the monthly Newsletter PPM in CZ and EN version and in curator activities regarding the Czech collection shown abroad.


I take regularly part in many shows and exhibitions not only in CZ, but also in various international projects (EPM contest, Sign of the Time, Radiation, EAQ, FOQ with the Art Club CZ….) Lately my latest quilt collection “RED” was  presented at the 20th EPM in France.


My current work concentrates on quilts for PPM special category Leather in 2015 as well as a brand new project Art Quilt Harbour ( 

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  1. Loved seeing your serie RED at the EPM and meeting you in person!

  2. Nice to meet you and I really like the Melancholy piece. Well done for founding the Prague Patchwork Meeting.

  3. I love getting to meet your work now since meeting you in the summer at FOQ. I am looking forward to seeing the work with leather!
    I am glad for the PPM, too. Thank you for the opportunities you have opened for so many people.

  4. Beautiful work, Jana. Thank you for sharing. It was lovely meeting you at the EPM