Friday, January 16, 2015

This is SAQA Europe/Middle East: Germany

Hildegard Müller

I started quilting in the mid-90th of the last century as a very traditional quilter and enjoyed quilt making. But some years ago I got in touch with modern quilts and art quilts. I became fascinated by the idea to create my own fabric by various methods of dying or printing. So I started to learn these techniques and took part in workshops of well-known art quilters.
Usually I start with an idea, a theme, then I create my fabric by dying, printing adding other materials, sometimes non-textile materials as well or add fabrics and embellish it.

An example for my way of working is “And we will go on…” This work was exhibited in 2012 in Saint-Marie-Aux-Mines at the contest “Yesterday, today, tomorrow”.

And we will go on .... Detail

And we will go on

The diptych "Love in Wartimes" shows parts of poems and love-letters, written during World War I (about 1916) by my Grandmother and a French prisoner of war, who - as far as I know - was forced to work on the fields in that rural area, where my Grandmother lived. Extracts of her letter are on one part, the prisoner's letter is on the other part. I found those writings in my Grandma's poetry book.

Love in War Times

Love in War Times - Detail

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  1. I'm glad you moved into art quilting. These pieces are very powerful.