Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ready to volunteer for SAQA?

SAQA's activities depend on members' willingness to volunteer, and here is a wonderful possibility to start getting involved. The following request has been posted to the reps, but is directed to every member: 

The membership committee is forming a subcommittee to brainstorm, researchand recommend new initiatives and avenues for membership recruitment both internationally and within the U.S. We anticipate that this subcommitteewill meet three to six times for an hour or so each time. Additionally thesubcommittee members will be invited to attend the monthly membershipmeeting to provide updates on their progress and make theirrecommendations.All meetings are held electronically and can be attended via computer, tablet or smart phone depending on where you are located. It’s importantthat this committee to be made up of both international and US basedmembers and we invite all members who are interested to email the committeechairs Diane Wright or Sue Bleiweiss via the SAQA members area of the website, 

or  get in touch with the co-reps.

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