Sunday, November 6, 2016

Katriina Flensburg - her story of loss

As you may know the collection that I exhibited together with Jette Clover at the OEQC of 2015 disappeared after it was handed over by us to a OEQC staff-member for further freight (initially first to their office/wear-house and then back to Sweden). The whole experience has been very draining traumatic. To get a needed closure,  I published recently a web-exhibition (hosted by the association of Nordic Textile Art) where I  present the lost pieces and addressed some issues based on my experience.

Please use the link below which takes you to an introduction to my exhibition.

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  1. Katriina - I had already seen the story on the gallery and was very moved. I had only heard recently of what you had gone through, but your description of the entire process was heartbreaking. My experience of waiting for one single quilt to arrive at one point of exhibition (it did finally emerge, after the show was over...) gave me enough of a fright to know that your experience must have been just so much worse. Because your quilts did not reappear. I feel so very sorry for you!

  2. Thank you Uta, I saw your comment first today. Yes, the experience has had a huge impact on my life (it still has...)and it is something I wish nobody else. Therefore it is also most important that we are most cautious about the event companies that we co-operate with. Those who do not show any what so ever respect for the results of our efforts should simply not be offered any possibilities to profit by exhibiting our work... These things need to be acknowledged and discussed. My vey best wishes for your 2017! / Katriina