Monday, January 30, 2017

Made in Europe - Lesley Knox

Lesley Knox, United Kingdom - Layers

I was inspired by the layers of history in Harris in the Outer Hebrides where I have a home. The lazybeds in the top part remember all the people who were once crofters and then had to emigrate (some people believe they were the inspiration for log cabin patterns) .The stones in the bottom part are the ruined houses they left behind. The megaliths in the middle piece reflect the inhabitants who first settled on the islands before the Bronze Age and have left no trace except for these monuments. The sea in the top part and peat diggings in the bottom piece are key sources of livelihood and warmth even today .The sunrise /sunset in the middle evoke the passage of time.

Pieced and applique work , markal applied in some parts, machine quilted on domestic machine.

Commercial and self- dyed cottons, silk and satin pieces.

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