Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wanted: Co-Authors for the Blog

We are looking for members of the region Europe/Middle East who would like to become more active and help breathe more life into the blog.
Ideally, it would be at least one person from each country in the region who is willing to act as a kind of 'correspondent' for matters that are of relevance for the blog for their own country. That is, somebody from Netherlands would keep an open eye on the quilt/SAQA scene in Netherlands and post these on the blog independently from the blog-moderator.
Good knowledge of English is a must - although posts don't necessarily have to be in English. But there will be more people interested if that international lingua franca is used...

Interested? Send a mail to the blog address as given in the first post, or to Uta's mail address as given in the newsletter.

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