Thursday, February 27, 2014

"This is SAQA Europe/Middle East" - launching the series of introductions

Our SAQA region “Europe/Middle East” is large and diversified – many members, with long distances between them, several different languages, and only limited possibilities of getting to know each other personally. 

A map of Europe - unfortunately without the countries
in the Arab Peninsula, where we have members, too. Picture taken from here.

The internet is a modern means of bridging distances, and the regional blog is one tool set up to serve our special community.
In order for our currently over 200 members to get to know each other at least a little bit, if not in person, we are introducing a new series on the blog. This will be a personal introduction of our members on the blog, and it will be called “This is SAQA Europe/Middle East”.  Members will be invited individually to write a short post about themselves (with a personal photo?), their quilting career and approach, including a photo of one or two of their quilts. If they have a personal blog, they should feel welcome to include the link in that post.
With over 200 members it will be a while until we can have everybody up, even if only half of the people want to participate. Therefore we are staging this series in segments, and if you have not received an invitation yet, just be patient, until your country is called on. Today, members from The North (of Europe) will receive their invitation, other countries will follow eventually. If you are a member of the region, you can watch out for a mail within the next few months.

Looking forward to an interesting presentation of the region’s members here on the blog!


  1. Oh! This is amazing! I was just thinking this week that little posts about the individuals in our region would be a great way to revive interest and open up more opportunities for connections.
    and now to find it has already been in progress behind the scenes. I am really looking forward to 'meeting' new people.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. That's great, Sandy. Seems that I was feeling your need? If you can, let people know, so they can get themselves prepared, and the UK will be called up eventually. I am still waiting for responses from the Northern countries, though.

  3. Thank you, Uta, for arranging this! I hope you will have many responses as I Think there is a need for such a blog.
    (I sent a comment the other day but somehow it didn't appear)
    Vera in Sweden