Sunday, March 9, 2014

This is SAQA Europe/Middle East: The North

My name is Vera Holmgren and I’m living in Uppsala, Sweden. 

My quilt career began about ten years ago when I took some classes in traditional quilting. Later I got more and more interested in art quilting and in 2013 I took a Master class “Finding your voice” taught by Jette Clover. I have also had technical classes and workshops for Elizabeth Barton,  Elsbeth Nusser-Lampe,  Mirjan Pet-Jacobs and Noriko Endo.

My current work with "Mothers" is about two life stories, my grandmother and my great-grandmother's. In their frequent correspondence I have followed their lives and been fascinated by history.  Taking advantage of old linen, monograms, and bits of lace and silk together with color and text tell their history. This work has also resulted in a book with the letter collection. Two of my quilts in this series were in a juried art exhibition in Uppsala last year and I have also attended some group exhibitions.

Mothers II, by Vera Holmgren


Link to Vera's Blog (in Swedish - with optional translation).


  1. I love the work you do based on your grandmothers. I knew you from Off the Wall Fridays at Nina-Marie's, but didn't realise you were also in SAQA. So maybe sometime I can meet you!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Nice to meet you Vera. I really like your Mothers work.

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