Tuesday, May 27, 2014

SAQA Biergarten get-together in Karlsruhe

A small, but select group of SAQA members assembled at the Biergarten "Alter Brauhof" in Karlsruhe this past Friday evening for an informal get-together. Four members from three countries - international indeed!
Despite earlier rain during the day it was warm enough to sit outside, enjoy local specialties from the menu, and talk away a couple of hours on common interest themes.

Adelheid from Switzerland, Brigitte from Germany and Paula from the US -
Uta is behind the camera, taking the picture

The next possibility for such a meeting is in the end of June in Berlin - please let co-rep and blog-moderator Uta know if you are interested in attending!


  1. I am sure it was a very good time for becoming closer friends. I do wish I had the money and health to get to more of these events!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Always so good to get together with like minded people.