Sunday, May 11, 2014

This is SAQA Europe/Middle East: The Romance Countries

Geneviève ATTINGER

I was born in France in 1954 and I’m living in Pontivy
Former agricultural engineer, part-time teacher in biology and bioethics I am a self-taught textile artist. I started to create wall hangings about 30 years ago. In 1989, feeling the need for more personal expression, I took evening classes in graphic expression and sculpture courses in order to progress. These courses completely changed  my work, it was essential training to become artist working with fabrics, at once palette and  sensual, tactile and  bendable material.
I still divide my time between teaching bioethics and creating textile art works inspired 
by photographs, books, news reports or debates on TV concerning contemporary problems
very often in touch with the feminine condition. 
I make figurative artworks, many of which are portraits.
In these works, the narrative, the techniques and the title are part of the whole.

Atmosphere of fear created by « The Rumor » which refutes, misrepresents, reinvents the story spread from black crow to black crow.

-“La Rumeur (2011) (H46.5’’x L46.5’’)
Materials : cotton, linen, silk , metallic textiles.
Techniques: free-motion machine embroidery, 
pull-thread work,   button loop, hand embroidery, machine quilted.

The lack of water and the necessity to find it are a real nightmare for those who go through that.

-« Le Cauchemard de l’Eau (La Quête)(2012) (H40’’x L39’’)
Materials: cotton, linen, wool, vegetal fiber.
Techniques: free-motion machine embroidery on appliquéed pieces,
narrow stips of jersey maintainded in place with free motion machine grid,
machine pieced and quilted, surface design: painting, dyed and discharged, felting

I am a member of France-Patchwork (F), Fiber Art Fever (F), Fibre Art Synergy (F) and I’m SAQA( JAM)

I started to enter french and international exhibitions in 1989 ;  some of my works are in private and corporate collections in France, England, Sweden and USA.


  1. Oh I remember the first work pictured here. I saw it online somewhere. These works are very moving and I am glad you take the time to present something to make us think.
    I hope at sometime I can talk with you in person about the stories behind your works, Geneviève.
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Ho visto qualche anno fa,al Carrefour, uno dei lavori di Geneviève. Opera sublime!
    complimenti! Bravissima.
    Daniela Dancelli, Italy