Friday, April 3, 2015

Europe/Middle East is appearing on SAQA's world map...

Of course, this is a bit of a provocative header. But I wanted to point your attention into the direction of the main SAQA blog where our region has just appeared with a separate entry. This might be turning some awarenesses upside down, as on this upside down world map puzzle which I recently did with my son:

I am not able to give you any numbers, but I am pretty positive that ours is the largest region simply in terms of square miles covered...

As co-rep I have agreed to become a sort of "foreign correspondent" to the main SAQA blog, and will send in occasional reports to be published there. They will be different from what is published here, so it is well worth to take a look!


  1. Merci de reconnaitre que l’anglais peut être un problème et bravo pour le travail fait en Europe, malheureusement je ne parle que le français:((

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    2. l'anglais est peut-être la langue universelle pour le tourisme mais en Europe, ce serait bien qu'une 2ème langue soit aussi appliquée comme le français qui compte plusieurs pays à langue française(France, Luxembourg, Belgique, Suisse) afin de mieux comprendre toutes les subtilités de langage et d'échanges. Beaucoup de personnes ne parlent pas correctement l'anglais et cela fait quand même un sérieux barrage à SAQA-Europe . Traduction Google. English may be the universal language for tourism but in Europe, it would be a second language is also applied as the French with several French-speaking countries (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland). Many people do not speak English properly and it's still a serious barrier to SAQA Europe to better understand all the subtleties of language and exchange

  2. Your first post was excellent so I'm looking forward to seeing others.