Friday, October 30, 2015

Newbie co-rep in our region

Firstly, I would like to thank Maggi for her hard work as co-rep and her contribution to the SAQA group.  I know it was a role that was important to her.  I hope I can be a worthy successor.

As co-rep, I plan to support Uta’s activities and match her enthusiasm for SAQA in our region. She does a great job across a wide spectrum of countries, languages and cultures.

A little about me: -

I am fairly new to quilting – until 2012, I embroidered and behaved like a butterfly, flitting from one technique to another!  When I retired, I needed a challenge to replace a demanding IT job in the City of London, so as one does, I moved to quilting where the opportunities to enter competitions and show in exhibitions are more numerous and generally to a higher standard.
As part of my move to quilting, I decided to concentrate on abstract designs in limited colour palettes, improvisional cutting and piecing with simple machine stitch to integrate the design.  The design of the first 3 was good, but the quilting would not have passed the Quilt Police.  I was lucky with the 4th piece – it was accepted for the Fine Arts Quilt Masters gallery at Festival of Quilts in 2013.  And again in 2014, my entry was selected.  Here are images of them:

I am currently working on experimental pieces which have a collage feel.  Some of these will be displayed at the West Country Quilt and Textile Show, UWE, Bristol, November 12th to 14th where I am sharing a stand with a fellow SAQA member, Stephanie Crawford.  Other SAQA members are also exhibiting and include k3n and Alicia Merrett as well as SAQA members who have work in the CQ Elements exhibition. 

My reasons for accepting the rep role:

I do hope to make more of my SAQA membership and I know the only way to do that is to participate more and give time and effort to the group.  Contemporary Quilt group in the UK has been an excellent learning experience – I have organised and curated two of their exhibitions at FOQ.  I also set up a regional CQ group and was the group's first organiser.

I would like to enable other members in our region to also make more of their membership.  I have ideas but must first read all the paperwork I have received from Desiree Vaughn, SAQA Regional Rep Coordinator, on guidelines for the role.  So bear with me whilst I do that.  I know Uta has some great ideas for us as well.

I shall be at Knit & Stitch in Harrogate all day Saturday 28th November with sometime late Friday and early Sunday.  I know some of you will be there as I have been putting the stewarding rota together so it will be good to meet you.

Keep making art and please feel free to contact me to nag, ask questions or make suggestions.

(ps I also answer to Chris and Chrisse)


  1. Welcome! And looking forward to the journey with you!