Friday, January 15, 2016

Congratulations, Sandy - Fly Me to the Moon

Cool news. My Moonlight Groovin' piece has been accepted into the Fly Me to the Moon collection!
It will travel to various venues as a part of the 50th year celebrations for the Moon landing commemoration. (Or however you put that in proper English!)

Since the quilts have only now been selected, the book part of the project is only beginning. It will be up to the publishers about which quilts go into the book. Still, the collection will be going places like the Space Center in Houston! So that will be exciting!

The list of other quilts and their titles are listed on the author's blog. Susanne M Jones. Possibly there are other SAQA Europe Middle East on the list? We can't show a photo of the work yet, but the titles of the quilts give an idea of the sorts of topics covered.

Well done, Sandy

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