Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Corner of the World - Claire Passmore

A new SAQA member from our region, Europe and the Middle East, Claire Passmore, has had a piece selected for the Canadian exhibition, "My Corner of the World".  Congratulations, Claire.

The quilt is called "Forced Removal", The inspiration comes from South Africa and the forced migration of peoples from their home areas to new townships. Claire has had a home in South Africa for many years and ironically, she has recently been forced by local law to sell up her much loved South African home. She now resides between England and her new home in New Zealand.

If you have also had a quilt selected for My Corner of the World and live in Europe or the Middle East, please send Uta or myself, Christine, a photo of your work and some information about it so we can blog it for you.

I hope you have made your resolutions for the New Year and are stitching frantically.

Best wishes - Christine


  1. Impressive. I am surprised that they are forcing people to sell up over there now.

    1. Hi Maggi, Thank you. The government is not forcing us to sell, but new visa laws mean it is no longer feasible to stay. At least we had the choice to leave. It is such a shame as South Africa is a country I love, even with its troubles.

  2. This work speaks so poignantly, Claire. It must be stunning in person.