Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Maryte Collard's contribution to "Concrete & Grassland"

European SAQA-member Maryte Collard from Lithuania has sent information about her quilt 'Lust for Life' which was juried into the Concret & Grassland exhibition scheduled to open on March 31.
This is what she writes:

I usually get my inspiration from the nature. I take a lot of pictures but making a quilt I don't replicate the picture. I get inspired by colors, lines and shapes. 
Walking on the cement sidewalk, I noticed a dandelion growing  out through the crack. 

I was amazed by the power of this humble flower and a lust for life it had. It was so inspirational to think that we can always find ways to overcome our own hurdles.

I dye my own fabrics now. Living in Lithuania it is the only way to have a range of colors that would let me feel free working on quilts. I had 15 shades of gray and that was the start. 

15 shades of grey

I made this realistically looking quilt and then I thought: hmm... I don't think this is what I want. I made another quilt that I named Breaking Through and I submitted them both for Concrete&Grassland show.

Breaking through
 I was very surprised to learn that Lust for Life was selected.

Lust for Life - detail

Lust for life - full view

What else is new in my quilting adventure? I entered SAQA mentorship program last September. My mentor is Brenda Gael Smith from Australia. Having Brenda in my corner gave me a clear understanding of my goals and a new direction for my art. I am working on a new series of quilts that I call Water Marks. I made 6 quilts since December!

Congratulations, Maryte!

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  1. Well Done Maryte!
    Both pieces are beautiful. Love the selection of grey fabrics. It really gives a natural look to the paving stones.
    And well done for getting 6 quilts done since December! I hope we can see them at some show sometime!