Thursday, March 31, 2016

SAQA Tranquility and Turmoil Exhibitions

Congratulations to our regional quilters who had work selected for Tranquillity:

Jette Clover from Belgium - "River View"
Shoshi Rimer from Israel  - "Blossom by the Lake"
Maya Chaimovich from Israel - "A Window into Spaces"

and to

Claire Passmore from the UK - "Echoes of Demons" whose quilt was selected for Turmoil.

The odds of being selected were very low - Tranquillity had 26 quilts selected from 246 entries and Turmoil had 24 selected from 220, Really well done, Jette, Shoshi, Maya and Claire.

Here is Claire's quilt and her statement -

Echoes of Demons
25 ½ ” x 38”

Post-traumatic stress is suffered by millions, if not billions of people worldwide. It consumes the brain of those who have been profoundly affected by witnessing or experiencing great trauma. For them, what follows are turmoil, pain and torment. Whether asleep or awake, demons from the past are ever present, echoing on and on, tumbling around in the mind’s eye and hindering the sufferer from freely going about their daily life.

Overlapping tormented faces have been repeatedly screen printed onto whole cloth, emphasizing that suffering is unceasing; often dark and raging, at other times quieter, but ever present. These are the demons that need to be dealt with before recovery is made.

Materials: cotton fabric, synthetic voile, wool batting, water based screen printing ink, fibre reactive dye,  Markal Oil sticks, polyester, metallic and rayon thread and embroidery floss

Techniques: screen printed whole cloth, dyed, painted and partially covered with voile. Side panels are hand dyed, then overdyed with thickened dye. Heavily free motion quilted and embellished with hand stitch.

Claire Passmore February 7th 2016

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