Sunday, April 6, 2014

SAQA Meet and Greet in Prague

Sponsored by the PPM organizers, a number of SAQA members (including newly signed-up member Martina from Germany on the far left in the picture) gathered for a lunch-time Meet and Greet at the 8th Prague Patchwork Meeting on Saturday.

The SAQA Meet and Greet  at Prague in front of the SAQA exhibition Deux 

Getting to know each other, announcements of a few business items for the region Europe/Middle East and enjoying a sandwich and a cup of coffee or tea were the items on the agenda.
The next possibility for a personal meeting in the context of a major quilting event is coming up in May, at the Nadelwelt Karlsruhe. Look out for announcements here on the blog and in the newsletter.

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  1. Can we get a "Like" button on this page??? ;-)

    Sorry I missed the meeting - I bet you all had a blast!