Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Shoshi Rimer

I was born in Israel in the year 1958.

I have been exposed to quilting in 1995 during my studies in "Itzuvim", Combined Art College, in Jaffa, Israel. The course, which focused on traditional techniques, introduced me to the centuries-old basics of quilting. Therefore, the quilts of the first years were based on traditional techniques. I used it to create a quilt, but the only self-expression was through the fabric choices.

Later, I studied with various teachers and artistic quilters in Israel and abroad, thereby learning a number of innovative techniques. Gradually I developed a more personal way of expressing myself. I used the acquired techniques as a foundation while letting my imagination run free as I design my works. For me quilting is a wonderful evolving art form, offering infinite creative possibilities and learning opportunities. The Inspiration for my quilts comes from a variety of sources. It can be nature, an expression, a color, a word and I tend to collaborate with artists of other media.

Shadows by Soshi Rimer

I have had three solo exhibitions abroad and one in Israel. I participated in various group exhibitions in Israel, The Netherlands, England, Switzerland, Austria, France, Taiwan and the USA.
I am a member of the Israel Quilter's Association (IQA) since 1997. In addition I belong to two art quilt groups: “Encounters” a group of 15 Israeli Art Quilt artists and "Voyage" an Internet art quilt group of artists drawn from around the world.

Burning Fields by Soshi Rimer


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  1. Nice to meet you Shoshi. I love the Burning Fields piece.

    1. Hi Maggi
      Thank you. I love very much this piece

  2. Hi Shoshi!
    Nice to see your smiling face again. Very good to learn more about you. I will go and learn more from your website!
    I hope you will be at FOQ this year?
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Hi Sandy
      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I won't visit FOQ this year as I have a solo exhibition in France in September, so need the time to work as well can't take more holiday before. Hope to visit it again next year.