Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Radiation" exhibition in Geneva, June 21-27

Exhibition „Radiation-Strahlung“
In the context of the 4th European IRPA-congress
June 21-27, 2014 in Geneva

A one-of-a-kind invitational exhibition of textile art is building bridges between science and art.

Quilters from several countries took the topic "radiation" as inspiration for art works from various perspectives. 80 Quilts and textile objects will be on display at the congress center in Geneva. Topics range from 'big bang' to 'CERN' with many variations inbetween.

Heidi Förster (Germany): Half Rotation, detail

Location: CICG (Centre International de Conférence)
17, rue Varembé
CH-1211 Genf
opening hours: June 21: 14-18 o'clock
                                            June 22-27 : 8-18 o'clock    

Barbara Lange (Germany): Radiation protection shield (detail)
The following SAQA members are included in this show: Vineta Cable, Heidi Förster, Cecilia Gomez, Rita Berghuis-Ensing, Barbara Lange, Uta Lenk, Alicia Merrett, Elisabeth Nacenta de la Croix, Jana Sterbova, Grietje van der Veen, Isabelle Wiessler


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  1. I look forward to seeing the Radiation exhibition in its next venue, the European Patchwork Meeting in Alsace, in September.