Sunday, June 22, 2014

Special requests to SAQA UK members: SAQA table, and dinner meeting

Hello SAQA UK member,
This is a reminder of the invite to help with the SAQA stand for the Festival of Quilts – 7th to 10th August 2014. I realise many of you are very busy with other responsibilities at FOQ, and some of you have replied already, so thank you for your help. I have attached the rota for stewarding as it stands. Martha and the Co-reps suggested I email UK members to see if there were a few more who may help. I don’t mind being with the stand most of the time, but really could use a bit more help. It is a special time when you can talk with the public about SAQA, about the exhibition, and even talk about design and technique with the people come to view. And, too, it is a chance to get to know other SAQA members who pop in from time to time throughout the show.

Additionally, As you may know, Martha Sielman, SAQA Executive Director, will be at the Festival of Quilts this year. The exhibition will include some of the works which are included in her recent book "Art Quilt Portfolio: People and Portraits".  Martha will also be giving lectures in the lecture room, so check your Show schedules to be sure to catch at least one of them.

Martha would like to meet with UK members sometime at the show. As you may know, many UK members have commented on the idea of wanting SAQA to do more here in the UK. A few attempts have been made to meet and discuss ideas, but these were not found to be the most convenient times for everyone. So, since she is going to be at FOQ, where the majority of UK members will also be, Martha would like to meet with us on Friday evening. She will be here with her family, so is only available for the show on Friday and Saturday. She suggested the possibility of arranging to meet for a meal ...perhaps at a hotel or something similar. I will be involved with the Fashion show which begins at 5:00pm. I can’t arrange the meeting, but would be able to come if the meeting was set after the show. Would one of you please be willing to make some arrangements and then let us know? This is an attempt by SAQA to address some of the concerns which have been expressed over the past few years.

Please let me know if you can help to steward the exhibition. and please consider meeting to discuss SAQA in the UK.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much,
Sandy Snowden
Bracknell, Berks.

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