Friday, June 20, 2014

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My creative work stems from the world of architecture having been an editorial co-ordinator for architect magazines.  As an assistant to my husband, a professional photographer of architecture and art with the SPONGAdiffusione, 1972/92,  I followed out the creation and realization of textiles.  This past experience helped stimulate my imagination and the desire to explore and experiment with textile materials in order to create new textures.

It was my encounter with Marina Giannangeli, architect and textile designer, 1990/94 which brought about a turning point towards a new direction: a casual and rational use of the most diverse kinds of flexible materials, creating three-dimensional works made with different materials.

“Chromatic Fields n. 4”
 168 x 165 cm.

"Chromatic Fields n.4" is an assemblage of materials on three layers, with free machine sewing with transparent and metallic thread. Cotton and polyester cloth, plastic, PVC, gauzes, pirkka paper ribbons, copper cloth, treated cloths and threads.

My continuous encounter with modern art over the years has allowed me to build up an entirely personal language.

“Wavering Landscapes n. 4”
168 x 78 cm.

"Wavering Landscapes n.4" is an assemblage of hot-manipulated polyethylene and plastic nets onto a three-layered base, with free machine sewing using transparent thread. Cotton cloth, fibreglass, polyethylene and plastic nets.

I have been invited to national and international exhibitions and symposiums.  My works are also part of public and private collections.

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  1. Hello MariaLuisa,
    I think I might have met you quite a while back at a quilt show in Lyon. It is good to see you are still using unusual materials in your work.
    Perhaps someday we can meet again!
    Sandy in the UK