Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Call for Entry at Textile Museum, Washington D.C.


A recent message from Leni Wiener, Chair of SAQA Exhibitin Committee, posted on the yahoo-group:

Since stepping into the Chair of the Exhibition Committee a year ago, I have been asking and listening to what our members want in an exhibition opportunity. There were lots of suggestions—more museum venues, large scale work, installation work, free standing or dimensional work, cutting edge work that stretches us as artists. 
That is why I am so excited to tell you about the newest call for entry. The Textile Museum in Washington DC has recently reopened in a fantastic new facility on the campus of the George Washington University and will host a SAQA exhibition there in 2016. This is an opportunity to exhibit work in a world class museum, to do large pieces (they have one section of the gallery space with thirty foot ceilings), and all kinds of cutting edge work that will show the world the innovative and amazing range of SAQA’s artists.

Please read the call for entry carefully, and remember this (actually remember this for all calls for entry): the theme is your inspiration, it is the door that opens to your imagination to interpret in any way you wish. Don’t be limited by only what is suggested, stretch yourself, be inspired and create work that relates to the theme, but doesn’t not need to be literal. I often hear that members want more themes that can be abstract—if you are inspired any theme can be abstract. I hear that people want themes related to their usual body of work—make the theme fit your usual style, technique and subject matter. This is a theme that is wide opened to interpretation. 

 We have posted the call for entry a year in advance so those who wish to make work specifically for this call have ample time to think about, plan and create pieces for submission. And because this is a single venue event, if you can ship it to the museum, you can enter it. None of these pieces will travel after this one venue, so there is no need for your work to be accommodated by the restraints of our usual shipping containers.

This is an amazing opportunity and we want to show the Textile Museum we are up to the task and blow their socks off! Follow the link, check it out, think about it. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!
 Here is the call for entry:  http://www.saqa.com/calendar-detail.php?ID=4452 (either click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser).

+++ end of Leni's message +++

Note that the date for entry is still some time in the future – but it would be wonderful if many members from Europe would consider entering! 

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