Wednesday, November 5, 2014

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Amanda Sievers


I am an Australian from Perth, Western Australia, living in Salisbury, United Kingdom. I love anything creative but my true passion lies in creating art quilts.   

I grew up with art & craft all around me and learned to sew at a young age. My mother is a dressmaker/upholsterer, and through that, I developed a love of textiles of all kinds. She also paints and creates wonderful craft pieces using many different media. My grandmother was also a talented seamstress, oil & china painter. I loved art at school and ended up at university doing graphic design. It was not until 1997 though, that I discovered patchwork quilting and from then on, I was hooked!

About a year ago, I found myself wanting more from my quilting, so when I discovered the world of art quilts through a friend, I knew instantly that was the direction I wanted to take. It has turned into a real passion that I can see lasting a lifetime.

For the past year I have been part of an online art quilt group called 'Latitude Quilts' We produce 15" x 15" pieces based on a theme every 2 months.

So far, most of my work in quilt art has been created for this group, though I am now working on several personal projects including a series based on gears and cogs. Since moving to Salisbury, I am also greatly influenced by the medieval history around me, so I see some pieces being created around this theme as well.

Balance 2
My main areas of interest in lie in surface design, fabric dyeing, fabric painting and digital imagery. I am hardly ever without my camera and find inspiration pretty much everywhere I go. I like to create in a more intuitive way and my quilts tend to evolve rather than be planned in detail from the start.

Dragonfly (work in progress)
 My design style has always been quite bold though since discovering art quilting and trying different techniques, I find my style developing and changing and I am happy to go where inspiration leads me.  I look forward to leaving my mark through my love of textiles, colour and design. 

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  1. Lovely pieces Amanda. You have certainly embraced the art quilting.