Monday, November 17, 2014

This is SAQA Europe/Middle East: The Netherlands

Marjo van der Leeuw Lauwereys

Events and problems who are happening in the world  - not rarely also related to religion - will I show in my textile work.Emotions, triggered by those events can be described ascommon experience and presenting them in my work I'm sharing this with others.

Losing time, 2013

Inspiration I get from my environment, nature, media and from my former job as a social worker.

On the way to freedom in former times and now, 2011

The shapes and colours that call emotions - I use a lot of earth tones - have a close relationship with my first childhood, that I spent in Belgian Congo. They are mixed with my social experiences.

Marjo van der Leeuw Lauwereys


  1. Nice to meet you Marjo. Losing time is a very powerful piece.

    1. Thank you. Also nice to meet you here