Friday, June 5, 2015

Quilt National 2015 - Brigitte Kopp

Brigitte Kopp, “On the road to…”, 2014
64” x 61“
Self painted linen and cotton, silk organza, latex, different threads
Layered fabrics, open edge appliqué, draped latex, hand and machine quilted and embroidered
I felt honoured being selected for the second time for Quilt National and I promised Maggi to write something about my travel to Athens and my quilt.  After booking the flight to USA, I decided to go to see the dentist for some corrections. To make it short, after some surgeries it is not yet finished – impossible to travel.
To see the exiting pieces of the others, meeting quilters from the USA and other countries, getting all the information at the SAQA Symposium was a great experience for me when visiting QN in 2013.  Therefore I was very sad to stay home.  I hope somebody else was travelling to QN and will post some pictures.
My quilt selected for 2015 is from the series of quilts about women’s life I started in 2013.
This work is dedicated to all women who have to deplore losses, whether the loss of their home, livelihood or even their relatives.
At first sight you may think it is a piece of a Madonna but if you look of the little appliquéd pictures around and the hand stitched background, showing a oriental city getting more and more destroyed, you will see that it is about a mother and her baby fleeing war and destruction.
As in the visual arts, each stroke for a work is important; to me each stitch in a quilt is a significant design component. The stripes of red self painted fabrics and the cut outs in form of an “L” as a sign for lost, are essential components of the design. I have fixed the red stripes with big cross stitches. Crosses are my sign for something that has to end, as the wars in the Middle East. The dark blue draped latex is a sign for the path of the women. You can find some other signs in my quilt, but I will leave it to you to find an interpretation.

Thank you Brigitte. I found this piece really moving.

And, as Brigitte writes 'You can find out more about the Dairy Barn and the quilts of Quilt National 2015 in the gorgeous catalogue you can by at the gallery shop on the QN website:'

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