Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quilt National 2015 - Olga Norris

Today's Quilt National offering comes from Olga Norris from the UK. Olga describes both her inspiration and process.

'Crowded is the result of work I am doing on the subject of repeats.  I am attracted to the idea of a repeat being both exact and different.  The differences for me make the repeats more interesting, revealing more about the image.  Crowd was the initial image, and I hope an enigma: what kind of crowd? Positive or negative? Political or religious?  Herded or spontaneous?
This is the third time that I have had work chosen for the Quilt National exhibition.  My work uses digital collage and print as an important element in its image development, but Crowded is the first to be developed directly from traditional printmaking.  I started with a collagraph plate made simply of cardboard, masking tape, acrylic medium, and carborundum. 


This was an experiment in viscosity printing, where inks of different densities are used to create intaglio and relief printing at the same time.  I was pleased with the five variations I achieved; I very much liked the effect of them together, and decided to make a quilt out of them.


I scanned the five paper prints and digitally tidied up little elements, then printed out three copies of each of the five versions.  I used a desktop printer with prepared sheets of A3 size silk.  These are extremely fine, and so I ironed on thin Vilene in order to provide enough stiffness to stitch comfortably.  I joined all the rectangles together by machine before beginning to hand stitch the individual panels.



I was delighted with the result and even more delighted when Crowded was chosen for Quilt National 2015'


Thank you sharing your work with us Olga.

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