Friday, March 3, 2017

Claire Passmore's Three Wise Words selected for SAQA's Textile Posters (USA)

Claire Passmore's Three Wise Words selected for SAQA's Textile Posters (USA)

Three Wise Words by Claire Passmore

Claire Passmore (UK)

My poster is economical with both text and graphics, but is intended to convey a much more ‘wordy’ message. As it only uses 3 words the observer needs to fill the gaps in the narrative in order to make sense of what they see and at the very least engage with the message.

From a distance the statement is clear and bold; even a casual glance should get it noticed. With a more lingering look bottles in the grungy landfill at the base of the poster become more obvious – and the white linear marks of the upper background give the viewer something to puzzle over, keeping them looking and thinking all the while.
My aim is to remind people of the vast amount of unnecessary plastic material which is rapidly taking up space in landfill and filling our oceans and bring about a change in people’s behavior. The poster does not nag, lecture, threaten or rely on complicated graphics to deliver its message, instead illustrating a single positive action that can be easily fulfilled by anyone.

Techniques used
Sun printing, lino block printing, stencilling, raw edge applique, free motion quilting on a domestic machine and hand quilting.

Materials used
100% cotton fabric and wadding, acrylic paint, fiber reactive dye, soy milk, soluble stabilizer, cotton, rayon and metallic thread, embroidery floss and knitting yarn.

Detail of Three Wise Words by Claire Passmore

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