Tuesday, March 28, 2017

SAQA UK Pod Meeting - response from Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil

Dear Christine, thank you very much for this report. The reflections that have been on the agenda reflect very well the potential of the textile as Art but the difficulties to make recognize our passion as such are evident especially in Europe. The gallery owners take no risk in the world of Art and the textile is not recognized as an artistic medium but is seen as craft. As long as this point of view or belief is not eliminated, there is little chance of exhibiting in large spaces and few will be offered to us. My best friendly greetings. Google translation

Chère Christine, merci beaucoup pour ce compte-rendu. Les réflexions qui ont été à l'ordre du jour reflètent très bien le potentiel du textile en tant que Art  mais les difficultés à faire reconnaître en tant que tel notre passion sont évidentes surtout en Europe. Les galeristes ne prennent aucun risque dans le monde de l'Art et le textile n'y est pas reconnu en tant que médium artistique mais est vu comme de l'artisanat. Tant que ce point de vue ou cette croyance ne sera pas éliminé, peu de chances d'exposer dans des grands espaces et peu nous seront offerts. Mes meilleures salutations amicales

http://www.elizabeth-michellod-dutheil.ch  (2015..)
http://www.maaevalais.ch  (2000-2015)

Thank you, Elizabeth, for responding to our report on the UK Pod Meeting.

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  1. I found the report fascinating and illuminating - I wish I could have been there. May be the next one could be in the South West? Thanks for writing it and sharing it!