Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Made in Europe - Claire Passmore

Claire Passmore, UK - Dragon's Blood

Known as 'dragon's blood' to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the beautiful yet deadly ore cinnabar has been mined in the Spanish town of Almadén since Biblical times. Although highly toxic, when heated cinnabar breaks down to produce the unique and mysterious metal we call mercury, a metal that is invaluable to science, medicine and industry. As well as being the major source of metallic mercury, cinnabar can also be transformed into an intense red pigment when finely ground. The pigment is known as vermilion and has been a favourite of artists ever since the Renaissance.
In 1937 the Spanish Republican government invited Alexander Calder to create a piece for the World's Exhibition in Paris. He chose to make a kinetic mercury fountain to pay tribute to the people of Almadén, who suffered greatly at the hands of Franco's fascist troops during the Spanish Civil War.

Mono print, simple piecing, raw edge appliqué, straight line quilting

Cotton sateen, fiber reactive dyes, silver leaf, organza, fabric paint, 70/30 poly/cotton batting, Isacord thread


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