Friday, February 10, 2017

Made in Europe - Elinor Sigler

Elinor Sigler, France - Fuchsia Thistles

"Fuchsia Thistles" is the second in a series of "Alpine Blooms". 
The fiber art I make is most often inspired by my photography, and I have a penchant for photographing flowers.  Before the arrival of digital photography, I took numerous photos of Alpine flowers in the Southern Alps, and the inspiration for "Fuchsia Thistles" is drawn from that period. I designed the fabric using one of my photos and and had it printed by an internet site.

My aim was to surround the thistles (and the eager bees taking advantage of them) with shapes evoking organic matter.

In general, my textile art can be either figurative or abstract, but it is essential for me to make something that has personal emotional resonance.  Alpine flowers definitely belong to that category!

Procion MX dye used with resists and over lace in ice-dyeing; low water immersion dyeing. Cotton fabric hand-painted and dyed. Machine pieced; free motion quilted.

Procion MX dye, soy wax, acrylic paint, cotton fabric.  Backing and binding are commercial fabric. Batting is bamboo/silk/cotton.  Artist's photo printed on cotton fabric by internet service.


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