Monday, October 20, 2014

The Grand Gallery of Europe/Middle East's Contributions to the SAQA Benefit Auction 2014 part

Monique Gilbert (B)

This is my auction piece for this year.  On top of my little quilt I laid some pieces of lace and different threads. Then I covered everything with multicolor tulle and did more quilting to secure. An orange Gingo leaf is appliquéd on top.

This quilt will be up for auction in section 4 of the Benefit Auction, beginning on Oct. 27th  - directly at the IQF in Houston. Bidding procedure details for IQF see below.
Help support SAQA, and at the same time build your art quilt collection by bidding often!

IQF – Houston In-Person Bidding at the SAQA Booth
Oct 29
5pm - 10pm
Oct 30
10am - 7pm
Oct 31
10am - 7pm
Nov 1
10am - 7pm
Nov 2
10am - 4pm
In-person bidding winners may take their quilt immediately.


  1. The ginko leaf stands out brightly from the background.
    All the best, Monique!

  2. Good luck with the next round of bidding. This is a striking piece.