Thursday, October 30, 2014

This is SAQA Europe/Middle East: The Reps

Elisabeth Nacenta-de la Croix (Switzerland)

Born in France, I arrived in Switzerland with my mother at the age of 5 and I always lived in Geneva ever since apart from times passed in Italy or in England to learn the Italian and English languages so I could be an interpreter; but I changed my mind and study to become a librarian!

I belong to a family of musicians, painters and dancers, and I am considered as a kind of painter with fabrics by my family. My grand mother taught me how to knit and do crochet and my mother made me learn how to sew.
Since 1992 I play with fabrics using traditional patchwork techniques which led me to a more contemporary style.

Au Fil de l'Eau (2014)

Inspiration comes from the images registered in my memory during the daily walks with my dog in parks, in the mountain, along the Leman’s lake, or from images from TV programs or from magazines, books… It is not about reproducing a pattern, but it is a kind of expressive language mixing sewing, embroidery, painting, collage…

Northern Lights (2014)

I like all the different parts of my work which is exclusively intuitive: the start, the choice of the range of colours, the fabrics selection, the construction, the sewing, the embellishment and even the binding. And I love colours so much.
In my landscapes, I only work with simple shapes such as squares and rectangles cut and settled in an improvisational way.

Reflets lac 4 (2014)

My fantasy decides of the colours and the light which intensity and tone give life to the whole design. I mainly use hand dyed fabrics and batiks, so strong with their shapes, shades and so vivid colours. Then I work on texture with threads, wool or whatever I have, I add some painted details, and finally I concentrate on the embroidery always done by machine.

Reflets lac 5 (2014)

During the last 7 years, I dedicate some of my free time to promote SAQA; first with "Wide Horizons" from its very start and being curator twice, then as co-Rep for the Europe and Middle East region for 3 years. As I like doing it,  will still do promotion as often as I can and will try to reach my new goal: enter 2 SAQA shows next year...

Reflets lac 6 (2014)
It was a great pleasure to meet so many of you during these years and some of you are now close friends. Thank you for all the happiness you gave me and good luck to the new team!

See you soon.

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  1. I hope that you find that your new freedom gives you the chance to successfully enter those exhibitions. I hope that I can follow in your footsteps effectively.