Friday, October 17, 2014

This is SAQA Europe/Middle East: The United Kingdom

Sue Payne 

My interest in textile art began whilst studying ‘A’ Level art at school where I submitted a textile piece as part of my final examinations. Bringing up 2 daughters and a career in banking meant that I had to put my art to one side for a few years. I left work in the year 2000 and took a 4 year City and Guilds distant learning qualification in Embroidery and Design


I primarily use raw, natural fabrics – mainly cotton calico, though sometimes silk and other undyed cotton – which I dye, print or paint before adding hand stitch. Using mainly running stitch, I think of the needle as a paint brush – going where the inspiration takes me to give a ‘painterly’ effect.

Roofscape, in Wide Horizons IV

Skyscape I and II

These quilts are not wholly pre-planned and just evolve as I stitch. I find this a more exciting way in which to work  - as well as being very therapeutic – as the inspiration flows through to my needle. The lines and shapes emerge as I stitch onto the background and the work comes to life!
I also enjoy making more structured works which are designed in advance. I use pre-dyed fabrics and use discharge methods to remove the colour rather than add paint.


Here I use a combination of hand and machine stitch – by using a sewing machine, I obtain a more structured effect but although I feel a great deal of satisfaction in achieving the finished work. I have to admit that my first love is hand- stitch.
I am inspired by my surroundings and the natural landscape – obviously, living on an island, the sea plays an important part. The changing weather patterns and seasons also influence my work and will, I hope, give me inspiration for many years to come.

Coach house exhibition in Guernsey

I am a member of The Guernsey Contemporary Textile Artists – a group of 8 textile artists based in Guernsey. We are exhibiting in the Coach-house Gallery,  Guernsey until mid- November 2014. The exhibition is entitled ‘The Art of the Needle II’.


  1. Nice to meet you Sue. Your work is so calm and full of interest.

    1. Thank you, Maggi. I have just been looking at your blog - love the pieces based on Belper Mill and River Gardens. I know the area well as my youngest daughter and family live in Belper. It's lovely to make contact with fellow stitcher in that area.

  2. It is amazing how many of you are in Guernsey! I think I may have seen some of your work at Elizabeth College (I think that is the name) when we went there a couple years ago for our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
    I like the idea of the needle as a paintbrush. Sometimes I feel like that as well.

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